Charity Partnership Proposals

 Could we be bungee jumping for your charity next year?Bungee-jump-390x260

Applications to be considered for our charity of the year 2016/17 are now closed.

If you would like to be considered for charity of the year 2017/2018, you should send a 6-page (max) proposal by Thursday 15 December 2016 to This proposal should highlight information on your charity; the geographic spread of your charity; suggestions on what Scotmid can do to help your charity and how your charity would go about engaging with our 5,000 staff members and 60,000 members.

We try to improve on what we do with our charity partner every year. When putting together a proposal, we generally ask charities to portray what has worked well for them previously with regards to both staff engagement and fundraising.

Useful information:

  • Scotmid Co-operative consists of over 188 Scotmid food stores, 117 Semichem stores, 9 Lakes & Dales co-operative stores and 12 funeral outlets
  • Our stores span across Scotland, Northern England and Northern Ireland
  • Partner charities engage with our staff by attending the Regional Business Manager’s store manager meetings (this is a meeting of all store managers in each region – we have around 326 store managers), our annual retail conferences and a partnership booklet is also produced to give to each store for reference to aid with fundraising.
  • We have internal newsletters and intranet as well as corporate and retail websites and social media pages
  • The fundraising target figure can change from year to year