Scotmid and Lakes & Dales Co-operative share the principles of Fairtrade – equality, democracy, solidarity, social responsibility and caring for others.

As a co-operative, Scotmid has traded ethically and fairly for more than 120 years, so when the Fairtrade mark was introduced in 1994, it’s no surprise that we were among the first to champion the movement.

And we continue our support 20 years on by:

  • supporting Fairtrade groups in the communities served by our stores;
  • giving advice and providing resources to schools to help them gain Fairtrade status; and
  • giving Fairtrade talks to community groups.


How can you help?

There are lots of ways in which to get involved, from asking for fair trade options in shops, cafes and restaurants, to spreading the fair trade message amongst your family, friends and colleagues. Taking simple steps to support Fairtrade can add up to one big step towards a fairer world.

Switch to a Fairtrade product

We’re proud to stock Fairtrade products in all our Lakes & Dales food stores. From Fairtrade chocolate to roses, coffee to honey, there’s so many ways to support Fairtrade when you shop with us. Did you know we only stock Fairtrade bananas? And The Co-operative own brand wines are all Fairtrade.


Get involved in a Fairtrade event

Fairtrade Fortnight is the annual celebration of all things Fairtrade and is a great way to get involved and help spread the word. Lakes & Dales Co-operative will support many community events during Fairtrade Fortnight, from wine tastings to school Fairtrade tuck shops.