Do You Recognise These Share Books?

We would like to reunite members in the Keswick area with their share book and their membership.  Some of the information we hold about members is out-of-date because members have perhaps moved home, left the area or passed away.

If you are a member or believe a close relative might have been a member, please complete an enquiry form which is available to print out here or pick one up in the Keswick Lakes and Dales store.  You can return the form to the collection box in the store, post to Membership, Scotmid Co-operative, Hillwood House, 2 Harvest Drive, Edinburgh EH28 8QJ or scan and email to or, you can also email any known details about the account holder to and we will do what we can to find the account.  Please include all of the necessary contact information for both yourself and the account in question.

This opportunity to claim accounts with Keswick postcodes will close on 31/12/15. Unclaimed membership accounts with a balance of under £10 will be placed in a suspense account and any funds will be distributed to local good causes in due course.

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