Penrith Co-operative Share Accounts & FAQs

We would like to reunite members in the Lakes & Dales area with their share book and their membership.  Some of the information we hold about members is out-of-date because members have perhaps moved home, left the area or passed away, so it is really important for us to update all changes where necessary to provide the best possible service to our members.

All Share Books are now held in our Edinburgh based Head Office.

If you would like to reclaim your share book you can complete an enquiry form which is available to print out here.  You can return the form to Membership, Scotmid Co-operative, Hillwood House, 2 Harvest Drive, Edinburgh EH28 8QJ or scan and email to or, you can also email any known details about the account holder to and we will do what we can to find the account.

Please include all of the necessary contact information for both yourself and the account in question.


Here are some answers to the questions that we have been asked most often, about the Penrith Co-operative Loyalty Card and other questions from members of the former Penrith Co-operative.

I was a member of Penrith Co-operative.  Can I join Scotmid too?
Members of Penrith Co-operative automatically became members of Scotmid Co-operative, following the merger of the societies in October 2013.  You do not need to rejoin.

What has happened to my share balances
Your share balance is completely safe.  It has not been lost in the merger. If you wish to check on your share balance, you can call the Membership & Community team on 0131 335 4433 or email us

Can I still use my Penrith Co-operative card?
Members who have a Penrith Co-operative loyalty card can continue to use their card at time of purchase. Every time a member uses their card, they will be entered into a quarterly draw for a chance to win £250 in Society vouchers.

How do I get a new or replacement card?
New/replacement cards will only be issued to members who have previously had a card and have misplaced or lost this.  Please contact us to request a replacement.  Please include your name and address so that we can identify your membership.

How do I withdraw my share balance and/or close my account?
To withdraw any of your share balance or close your account completely, you need to put this request in writing, enclosing your share book.  If you do not have your share book, you can email your local Membership & Community Officer or call the membership team on 0131 335 4433.

Write to Membership, Scotmid Co-operative, Hillwood House, 2 Harvest Drive, Newbridge, EH28 8QJ.  Please provide your name and postal address.  If you are closing the account completely and you are a loyalty card holder, please also enclose your card. Leaving £1 in your share account will keep the account open and allow you to remain a Scotmid member. If this is what you wish to do, please state this clearly in your letter.

I want to take my membership further how can I do so?

All members of Scotmid/Lakes & Dales are eligible to be nominated to serve on our Regional Committees after being a member of the Society for more than 6 months, we currently have 3 Regional Committees serving the North, East and West areas. Following the mergers in Northern England the Society aims to create a Lakes & Dales Committee made up of elected members living in the North of England.  If you are interested in taking your membership further you can contact your local Membership & Community Officer : for more information.