Current Shortlisted Groups

Astley High School is at the centre of the community. By developing the communal garden, they aim to expand the calming sanctuary that everyone can enjoy. This garden has been established by Astley High School students, who have worked hard to create and maintain it. The garden incorporates sensory areas, including herbs and vegetables grown for cooking. With additional funding they hope to fund a bespoke pond cover which can protect the wildlife of frogs and newts, whilst encouraging the birdlife that frequents the garden, such as herons.

Astley High School plan to develop the garden so that there are plants that have year-round colour and purpose; such as a fruit, vegetable and wildflower garden to encourage bees and insects. To enable ongoing maintenance of the garden they would like to increase their range of garden tools to further develop the student’s skills and abilities to maintain the garden with independence.


Cowshill and Lanehead Village Hall provides a space for the local community situated in Upper Weardale to meet, socialise and to learn new skills at classes which are held regularly. Clubs and events take place in the hall on a regular basis, including the weekly coffee mornings held every Saturday morning. It is a vital community resource for the area and an important focal point for the community.

The hall is critical in providing opportunities for local people to meet, thereby reducing social isolation and increasing the well-being of the people who use it. With funding they will refurbish areas of the hall and improve the access for all the halls users as well as being able to plan for further works in the future.


Cumbria Development Education Centre (CDEC) has a vision: that Cumbria can be a place where young people, through their global learning experiences, become informed, responsible and be active global citizens with a lifelong commitment to building a fairer and more sustainable world.

Their ‘Climate Leaders, the Future is Now!’ project will empower young people to lead change in their communities, share their ideas and develop their passions into local climate-friendly projects. CDEC support young people to develop skills and connections with other young people, like-minded adults and organisations who can all work together to address climate change and resilience.