Clothes Recycling

There are 54 Salvation Army clothes banks at Scotmid and Lakes & Dales Co-operative stores all over Scotland and in the North of England so it’s easy to donate and recycle your old clothing and textiles.  When you do, the money raised will be split between the Salvation Army to continue its invaluable social welfare work and Scotmid and Lakes & Dales for investment into our communities!

There are community clothes banks at the following Lakes & Dales stores:

Lakes & Dales Co-operative, Henderson Buildings, Lazonby, CA10 1BG

Lakes & Dales Co-operative, Main Street, Shap, CA10 3NA

Lakes & Dales Co-operative, James Court, Keswick, CA12 5EF

At these banks, you can donate:

  • shoes (in pairs)
  • clothing
  • handbags
  • belts
  • bed linens
  • blankets
  • towels
  • underwear

Items should be clean and dry.  Don’t worry if they’re damaged because the textiles that can’t be reused, even underwear, can be recycled into items such as mattress stuffing, car soundproofing and industrial wipers!

We’ve been overwhelmed by the money raised by these banks so far.  So much so, that we are able to use this money as a separate grant fund which will exclusively benefit community projects near our stores with an environmental focus.