Holywell in Bloom off to a Blossoming Start

Holywell in Bloom have become the 2nd group to benefit from funding through the Lakes & Dales Co-operative Clothes Bank Scheme.

Holywell in Bloom received £650 following a successful application for funding to Lakes & Dales Co-operative. The environmental group which was founded in 2015, relies solely on volunteers to help carry out environmental projects that benefit the local community surrounding Holywell; to make the environment  attractive and appealing to local residents and visitors alike.

The group are to embark upon a project to renovate an area of woodland which is currently disused to create an attractive walkway featuring floral displays, bird houses and a seating area for visitors to sit down and enjoy the area. The funding has been a welcome boost in turning this project into a reality.

There are over 50 Salvation Army clothes banks located outside our Scotmid & Lakes & Dales Stores, so it is easy for you to dispose and recycle unwanted clothing and textiles. The money raised is then split between the Salvation Army, to continue its invaluable social welfare work and Scotmid and Lakes & Dales for investment into our communities.  Lakes & Dales and Scotmid have been overwhelmed by the money raised by these banks, so much so that we are able to use this money as a separate grant fund which exclusively benefits projects near our stores with an environmental focus.

To apply for a Clothes Bank Grant please email Lakes & Dales Co-operative at: membership@scotmid.co.uk;   including a brief description of your project and how funding will be used. 200/300 words.